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New Destiny Multiplayer Map Revealed: “Twilight Gap” – IGN First

IGN - 2 hours ago. See a new multiplayer map that wasn’t in the beta. Study up and have an advantage on the competition for when the full game releases....

Destiny Crucible Gameplay: Earth – Twilight Gap – A Winning Team – IGN First

IGN - 2 hours ago. A look at a Crucible map on Earth that you weren’t able to experience in the Alpha or Beta. This will only be available in the full game....

Games with Gold Revealed for August

IGN - 3 hours ago. Microsoft details the newest free additions coming next month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, including a standout stealth title from Bethesda....

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Ashley Johnson Offers Advice to Ellie in The Last of Us Movie

IGN - 10 hours ago. The original Ellie has a few words of advice for whoever takes over the role in the upcoming movie....

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