‘GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience’ Guide – How to Win Without Spending Real Money

TouchArcade - 1 year ago.

As we noted in our review, Gameloft’s GT Racing 2  is a great addition to the long line of excellent full-featured racers on iOS. While its freemium underpinnings are relatively benign, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get caught in that trap of feeling the need to pay in order to advance. The purpose of this... Read more

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‘Vainglory’ Guide – Tips and Tricks for Victory and Glory

TouchArcade - 7 mins ago. Vainglory [Free / Free (HD)] certainly isn’t the first MOBA to hit iOS. However, with its impressive visuals and incredibly balanced heroes and gameplay, it’s probably the most popular title in the genre right now.  For folks new to title or even to the genre, we thought we’d compile some tips and tricks regarding MOBAs...

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Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Releases Next Week on iOS

TouchArcade - 38 mins ago. We finally have a release date for Telltale’s upcoming Game of Thrones series. The iOS version releases next Thursday, December 4th, with the first of six episodes in tow. This is actually very close to launch parity with the other platforms getting the game, as most other platforms get it a day or two before....

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‘Framed’ Review – Let’s Try This One Again, Shall We?

TouchArcade - 4 hours ago. Framed [$4.99] feels like the first half of what should be a really good game. It’s a title with a great premise: rearranging comic book panels both in order and rotation so that the protagonist in the scene makes it to the end without getting detected by cops or falling to their doom. The cops...

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’80 Days’ Gets Time’s Game of the Year – Could More Mobile Games be Honored This Year?

TouchArcade - 5 hours ago. We’re entering that time of year where publications start giving out their “game of the year” awards to various games. And, well, most of them will totally ignore mobile games. But one of the first GOTY lists has come out and a mobile game is number one, and it’s a bit of an unexpected inclusion:...

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Here’s a Massive List of Thanksgiving Game Sales to Stuff Your iPhone and iPad With

TouchArcade - 1 day ago. This Thursday is Thanksgiving here stateside, and while it’s just a regular Thursday elsewhere around the world (I see you, Canada), the good news for everyone is that there’s a ton of great app discounts for the holiday. We’ve already run down a few worth checking out: Order In The Court – Capcom’s ‘Ace Attorney’...

Out Now: ‘Proun+’, ‘Bounce On Back’, ‘Hex:99′, ‘Wicked Lair’, ‘BattleLore: Command’, ‘Trouble With Robots’ and More

TouchArcade - 2 days ago. It’s a major holiday week here in the US with Thanksgiving tomorrow, so things are a bit slow on the new game release front. That said, things picked up a bit since our post this morning listing all the games that had hit the New Zealand App Store. There are definitely quite a few strong...

‘Junk Jack X’ Gets a Thanksgiving Update

TouchArcade - 2 days ago. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States, and as with pretty much any major holiday developer Pixbits have updated their phenomenal crafting adventure game Junk Jack X [$4.99] with holiday-themed content. There’s a new Pocket Turkey rare pet, a craftable hay bale block, new dyeable wood panels which can be coupled with the new sloped...

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Order In The Court – Capcom’s ‘Ace Attorney’ Games Are On Sale

TouchArcade - 2 days ago. I don’t mind games that are free to try with an IAP to unlock the rest of the game, but one of the tricky things about them is that it’s hard to notice when they go on sale. If you’ve been waiting patiently for Capcom’s fantastic Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD [Free] or Phoenix...