GTA 5 Guide: All 50 Letter Scrap Locations

Now Gamer - 2 years ago.

On the hunt for the murderer of Leonora Johnson? Well we've got a guide to all 50 locations for GTA 5's letter scrap collectables.These GTA 5 hidden collectables are fairly tricky to find. As scraps of paper it's hardly surprising that you might struggle spotting some of these collectables.

Thankfully we've uncovered all 50 GTA 5 Letter Scraps, where you can find their locations and how to collect them.

You can collect these Letter Scraps as any of the three characters, and since most are accessible from the ground it doesn't really matter who you pick.

However once all 50 GTA 5 Letter Scraps have been collected the letter will be automatically pieced together and a new Stranger & Freak mission will appear.

This mission is available only to Franklin, and can be found in the posh Vinewood houses along the north of Los Santos city.

Here is a video guide of all 50 GTA 5 Letter Scraps and how to collect them, but we've got guides for other GTA 5 collectables too, if you're interested.

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