Heartseeker Ashe enters League of Legends PBE

GameZone - 8 months ago.

Looks like League of Legends players will be treated to a new Heartseeker Ashe skin this Valentine's Day, if her...... Read more

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Sneak peek at warrior Weapon and Shield ability tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition

GameZone - 1 hour ago. The Dragon Age: Inquisition developers are teasing us. You know they are. BioWare gave us a sneak peek at what the…...

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Big bug fix update underway for Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Editions

GameZone - 7 hours ago. Both the Xbox One and PS4 Editions of Minecraft have a big update in the works aimed at fixing bugs and other issues…...

The best guide for farming Legendary Engrams in Destiny, or how to mindlessly shoot at a cave

GameZone - 8 hours ago. Destiny has been in our hands for over a week now. By now, you’re probably level 20. That’s all fine and dandy, but…...

Alien: Isolation’s Survivor Mode outlines six months of Season Pass content

GameZone - 9 hours ago. Season Passes are often a mysterious purchase; a promise of more content, but what that content consists of is usually not…...

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor not releasing PC review codes until after game release

GameZone - 10 hours ago. One does not simply review Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor prior to release. Despite sitting in the top ten best sellers…...

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Minecraft: PS3 Edition update enables world transfers to PS4

GameZone - 10 hours ago. 4J Studios has released a “small update” to Minecraft: PS3 Edition, finally adding the ability to…...

Destiny earns over $325 million in worldwide sales in first five days

GameZone - 10 hours ago. Activision announced today that Destiny, the new blockbuster title from developer Bungie, has sold-through more…...

The Evil Within TGS trailer is filled with horrifying ways to day

GameZone - 11 hours ago. I can’t say that I’ve had a lot of exposure to The Evil Within ever since its announcement. Sure, I’ve seen a…...