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Watch Subway Jared Ironically Mock ‘To Catch a Predator’ Criminals in Vintage VH1 Clip

Complex - 4 hours ago. The irony is deep, scary, and kind of maddening. Also, why get Jared Fogle to provide commentary on anything? 2008 was a bad year....

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There’s Now a Parody Twitter Account Dedicated to the Woman Unfortunate Enough to Sit Next to Kim Davis

Complex - 7 hours ago. The infamous Kim Davis, currently not understanding how the law works while spewing ridiculousness in jail, has impacted the lives of many....

Booty-Lifting for the Snapchat: The Social Hustle of Dr. Miami

Complex - 9 hours ago. One Fetty Wap-loving plastic surgeon from South Beach is changing the modern concept of the doctor, one social media post at a time....

Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Hit a Protester in the Face After Taking His Hilarious “Make America Racist Again” Banner

Complex - 9 hours ago. The guard reportedly snatched the protester’s “Trump: Make America Racist Again” banner before eventually hitting him in the face....

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After Receiving Death Threats, Jimmy Kimmel Makes Televised Peace With YouTube Gamers

Complex - 11 hours ago. Kimmel racked up tens of thousands of “thumbs down” ratings on YouTube, his largest amount ever, after mocking YouTube gamers....

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