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Destiny: Did The Weapon Adjustments Ruin PVP? – Fireteam Chat

IGN - 1 hour ago. This week Destin, Fran, and Lauren discuss whether or not the weapon adjustments have ruined PVP and need to be adjusted again....

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Fireteam Chat Ep. 7 – Bungie’s Listening – IGN’s Destiny Podcast

IGN - 23 hours ago. This week guest Lauren joins us to discuss the mobile app update, leaked areas and our 3 Destiny wishes....

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Smash Wii U: The Pac-Land, All Items, No Fox, 300% Damage Crazy Challenge – IGN Plays Live

IGN - 1 day ago. We set up a crazy match for Marty, Naomi, Brendan, and Alexio to take part in. Watch as dragons, monkeys and small dinosaurs alike fly across the screen! Want to see more of this? Check out IGN Plays Live every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday on IGN!...